Saturday, 3 November 2012

My Inspiration.

The story is about a Self made Man. A normal Man.Maybe the story sounds 'Filmy' but its true.Had read many stories of men who struggled and achieved success in life but had never met one personally. I am sure after reading about his success story,you too will be inspired by him.I call him my Uncle. Like many, he too belonged to a joint and a lower middle class family whose needs outnumbered the earning. Somehow ,he managed his graduation. Not highly, but educated-jobless,married in early age,with an extra responsibility. Faced humiliation by the female members of the family,and was considered Existence-Less .His needs, his taste, his choice,his preferences did not matter to anyone as he was not earning. Let me clear one point,he was jobless, but not idle, he worked on his farms,took tutions to educate younger members of the family.But one day, the humiliation crossed the saturation point. and Same like a typical Bollywood-Flick, he decided to move to Delhi. His was in a bad state,he was not even having slippers of his own. He had borrowed it from a village-labour. After reaching Delhi, standing in middle of ITO, with thousands of emotions Bombarding his heart and soul. Firstly sorrow of leaving his village,his birth-place ,his family, Secondly, not knowing what to do. All he knew was his father-in-law's office address. Not in proper clothes and state, living with his in-law's ,working at the shop of his father-in-law, he gradually started building a dream of buying a house and settling with his family in Delhi. In order to fullfill his dream, he worked day and night. Of a young and fresh mindset, he brought positive changes to the shop.One day, his hard work forced the lady-luck to give a knock on his destiny's door. A Tea-Shop owner near the shop, won a lottery. He decided to move to village and at that time, agreed to sell this shop to him for 5k. With the help of his minimal savings, he bought that shop. He opened his OWN book store. Year by Year, he kept progressing. His own family members ,who didn’t supported him at that time, were now changed. And yes, he bought a house of his own in Delhi. He owns one of the famous Book-Shops in Delhi now. And yet, he is still the most humble and down to earth man I have ever met in my life. He still wakes up early morning, comes at night, spending all his day, working working and working in order to secure his children's life so that they don’t have to face the humiliation and insult as he did when he was young. Am sure,he will always be an inspiration for me.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Special Ones.

They are gifted. They don’t have everything, but still they have happiness, reason to live. They enjoy their life more than us because they are pure at heart, they don’t have the feelings of jealousy, greed, revenge… They don’t have any tension, they are free. Today morning, on my way to school, I met a mentally challenged kid on my bus stand. I looked at him, I smiled, he replied with a very sweet smile. Then he came forward for a handshake. Then he asked my name, I asked his. We were like friends now. A normal kid wouldn’t have shown such a good gesture. These kids, whom most of us refer to as mentally ill or Disable, are instead specially gifted. They lack something in their life, but at the same time, they are excellent at something. Let me give an example, there was a guy in my school, he was mentally ill, but he excelled in Roller skating and swimming. God is really kind. I have noticed, most of mentally challenged kids are always gifted with some or the other special quality. It’s our (their parents, neighbourhood, friends, teacher)  duty to work hard on that special quality with them, so that they can also be respected in the society. These guys, in true sense enjoy their life, they make friends, they don’t have any worries. I listened to a guy with some disability in his leg, he never took it as any disadvantage, instead he told me ‘’isi bahaane doosre ladko ko kuch or ladkiyan mil jaayengi, warna saari mere peeche bhaagti shaadi ke lie’’. I loved his spirit. We being born normal, given so many advantages, still complain about life. I have met many such people, but never heard them complaining about anything. Respect. Inspired.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Nationalism should retire at 65.

Today, I read an article under 'AmanKiAsha'. I liked it, and was forced to write this post. We got Independent 65 years ago. On 15th August. A day before, Pakistan was created and it also got Independent. Since then, there's a rivalry going between both the nations. Both, Pakistan and India became 65 this month. They should now retire from this war. Nationalism should retire at 65. Like all other services, Nationalism too should retire at this age. We forget this thing, that both the countries, were the same country before the firangs ruled us. When they thought they will be not able to rule us more, they started Dividing us Hindu-Muslims. They brainwashed Jinnah for this. Rascals. But we Indians, we have our brains, which most of the people don't use at such times. There should be Peace between India and Pakistan now. We should live like Brothers. But the thing called Politics comes in  between then. People quote that India-Pakistan will be together after few years. But according to me, This is never going to be possible. But still, we should live with peace, stop fighting over Kashmir, provide free trade country-to-country. I again repeat, that Nationalism should really retire at the age of 65. TrueStory.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Secularism at Crossroads.

Once again Hindu-Muslim dispute! its not new to us. I am not a History student. But whatever knowledge am having about this topic, i will discuss.
         Recently, the riots started between Hindus and Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam, which is showing its effect in Mumbai too. If not controlled in time it may spread across the Nation.The problem is that our politicians, act too Secular.  And this word 'Secular', came in our constitution because of vote bank politics of congress. I Am not against indian Muslims or any religion, am having my best friends as Muslims, and I respect their religion. Its just that, long ago some of them demanded a separate country  Pakistan for them, they got it. Now why some of them are doing all this Violence in our country. The muslims, who are in India, are Indians first, then muslims. It is the same with all the religions, whether hindu, christian, parsi or jew. 200 hindus were tortured in Pakistan, and at last they were forced to leave the country. Not even a single 'Indian-Muslim organisation or any one showed their agitation against it. And when the same happened with Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam, they started riots in Mumbai. Hipocracy. India, it is the best example of a " Real Secular Country". Reason: constitution provides us all equal opportunities, even for the highest post of India, irrespective of religion or belief. THE PRESIDENT thrice muslims have been elected,and they gave their best. Ever heard a Hindu becoming Pakistan's President? I don't want to sound like a 'Kattar Hindu' or something, its just that when they suffer, they start violence in the whole country damaging public property. WHY? Can't they live with peace? Christians, Parsis, Jews and many other religions reside in India, but i have never heard of any such case relating to them. I am not saying they should be tortured, they are good Human Beings, but some of the Muslim population are spoiling the name of the whole Muslim-Population. They also have a great history, they should respect it, they should live with Peace.Akbar is one of the best example who believed in Hindu-Muslim harmony. Our country India, is one of the best, not one of the, it is THE BEST country,we  must see it as OUR country, we should respect it. We, Hindu-Muslim and every religion in India, must live like a family. If we will be together, we will surely become one of the Super Power. At this crucial time when some of our brothers are agitated and furious about Assam and Myanmar's incident , I just remembered this dialogue of Namastey London  "...We come from a Nation where we allow
a Lady of CathoIic origin...
to step aside for a Sikh
to be sworn in as Prime Minister...
to a Muslim President to govern
a nation of over 80 percent Hindus..."

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Today morning, i woke up. As usual. I don't usually read newspaper, but today, i read it. There was an article in an Hindi newspaper. It was about the role of a girl child in an Indian family. It was not the type of article which 'Shouted' to save the girl child or something like this. It was a sarcastic article. It was about the girl, being a sister and a daughter, what role she plays. How she dosen't get any time to study or play. She helps her mother, she does all household works, and if the brother hits her, she can't complain. I disagree. In my house, its totally upside down. Am having a younger sister, 10 years younger. She is cared more. She is like the 'Don' of the house., Whatever she asks for,its there. And as written in the article, the brother hits her sister, its totally opposite in my house. I get beaten by my sister daily, she punches me like Mike Tyson, and i can't complain. And if i do, what I get to listen is "10 saal choti h tujhse". Poor boys. Its just not with me, my friends are facing the same problem :P.  We Boys, Please save us. "Agle janam mohe Bitiya hi kijo"!. Every family gets happy when a boy-child is born, It was quite opposite my time. When my sister was born, "arre ghar mein laksmi paida hui h". Hipocracy. Government should stop the "Save Girl Child" campaign, we boys also have the right to live. "Save Boys From Violence by their sister" campaign should be started instead.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

GOD. We need a 'Lokpal' for us!

God. I believe in him. Not to any extreme levels, but I do.But sometimes, I don’t feel like believing in him. I know many haters will arise after this post, but it’s my thinking. I went to Connaught place two or three days ago, there I saw a boy, merely 10 or 9 years old, in literally a bad shape. He was begging. He was wearing a trouser, which seemed like didn’t exist. It is not that I had not seen beggars, I have seen lots of kids begging, on the streets, railway platforms, temples…almost everywhere, but I don’t know WHY, my heart became restless seeing that particular child.  Because of my dad, I have a little knowledge about the Gita. I have read that, what you are getting in your present birth is the reward of your deeds of previous birth or the reward of what your ancestors did. How lame this method is? God, a little suggestion from us, human beings, “please change your fruit system slightly.” Neither that boy, nor we know what our ancestors, or what we did in our last birth. We should get the impact of our doing in the same birth. Instant Service.  Not like the MTNL, “aaj bola, 2 saal baad lagega”. I really, for the first time, I know some of you will laugh, but felt like crying after seeing that Boy’s state. He was merely 10 years old, he mustn’t be knowing about THE GOD and his Odd system. Please GOD, listen to us, and if you get a little time of your busy schedule, please read this. Pageviews will increase and my blog will get a little fame :P.
And also, from today onwards, I will stop complaining to god for what I don’t have, because whatever I have, I am blessed to have that much. Thank you God.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sumptuous Wedding.

This story too starts from a village. It was  summer, the best season UPites think  for  marriages. It was the wedding of one of my young Uncle. When I reached the village, everyone there was joyful, happy and  aunties  were singing some hilarious (According to me) song for the Groom. The Wedding night arrived. We were the proud baratis. The baraat ‘took-off’ with dance, sweat, Bhojpuri songs full of ‘Bhabhi-Dewar’, desi rifles, crackers, gun fires  and every kind of thing you can imagine in a UP marriage. The groom was dressed in a bright ‘shining’ Coat and trousers which was visible from 1 km away. Ladies from groom side are still not allowed in weddings there. They stay at home and carry on their singing schedule. Young brats in baraat were energetic because of Alcohol, bhang and weed consumption. We reached the marriage point. At last. They welcomed us with flowers and a glass of jaljeera, which was like a ‘throat-cutting’ beverage. The best moment took place when the Groom rode on the horse and the song played in background was ‘‘Ye desh hai veer jawaano ka, albelo ka…’’.It seemed like they were encouraging the groom for an upcoming battle. I am still intrigued why this song was played at the wedding. Then I came to know about one of the most interesting ritual, in which the women of bride’s side sing  songs full of ‘abuses’ for the groom and baratis .Baraatis enjoy it with love . Hilarious. My main aim at the wedding was to have Food and Food and Food. I sat on a chair, they served me one of the delicious food I ever had. It was amazing. I enjoyed my trip there.
    One thing Indian  and particularly eastern uttar Pradesh weddings  guarantee you is Laughter, Dance and some really delicious food. So try attending as many marriages  you can, specially the UP ones.