Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Nationalism should retire at 65.

Today, I read an article under 'AmanKiAsha'. I liked it, and was forced to write this post. We got Independent 65 years ago. On 15th August. A day before, Pakistan was created and it also got Independent. Since then, there's a rivalry going between both the nations. Both, Pakistan and India became 65 this month. They should now retire from this war. Nationalism should retire at 65. Like all other services, Nationalism too should retire at this age. We forget this thing, that both the countries, were the same country before the firangs ruled us. When they thought they will be not able to rule us more, they started Dividing us Hindu-Muslims. They brainwashed Jinnah for this. Rascals. But we Indians, we have our brains, which most of the people don't use at such times. There should be Peace between India and Pakistan now. We should live like Brothers. But the thing called Politics comes in  between then. People quote that India-Pakistan will be together after few years. But according to me, This is never going to be possible. But still, we should live with peace, stop fighting over Kashmir, provide free trade country-to-country. I again repeat, that Nationalism should really retire at the age of 65. TrueStory.

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