Thursday, 9 August 2012


Today morning, i woke up. As usual. I don't usually read newspaper, but today, i read it. There was an article in an Hindi newspaper. It was about the role of a girl child in an Indian family. It was not the type of article which 'Shouted' to save the girl child or something like this. It was a sarcastic article. It was about the girl, being a sister and a daughter, what role she plays. How she dosen't get any time to study or play. She helps her mother, she does all household works, and if the brother hits her, she can't complain. I disagree. In my house, its totally upside down. Am having a younger sister, 10 years younger. She is cared more. She is like the 'Don' of the house., Whatever she asks for,its there. And as written in the article, the brother hits her sister, its totally opposite in my house. I get beaten by my sister daily, she punches me like Mike Tyson, and i can't complain. And if i do, what I get to listen is "10 saal choti h tujhse". Poor boys. Its just not with me, my friends are facing the same problem :P.  We Boys, Please save us. "Agle janam mohe Bitiya hi kijo"!. Every family gets happy when a boy-child is born, It was quite opposite my time. When my sister was born, "arre ghar mein laksmi paida hui h". Hipocracy. Government should stop the "Save Girl Child" campaign, we boys also have the right to live. "Save Boys From Violence by their sister" campaign should be started instead.

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