Sunday, 12 August 2012

Secularism at Crossroads.

Once again Hindu-Muslim dispute! its not new to us. I am not a History student. But whatever knowledge am having about this topic, i will discuss.
         Recently, the riots started between Hindus and Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam, which is showing its effect in Mumbai too. If not controlled in time it may spread across the Nation.The problem is that our politicians, act too Secular.  And this word 'Secular', came in our constitution because of vote bank politics of congress. I Am not against indian Muslims or any religion, am having my best friends as Muslims, and I respect their religion. Its just that, long ago some of them demanded a separate country  Pakistan for them, they got it. Now why some of them are doing all this Violence in our country. The muslims, who are in India, are Indians first, then muslims. It is the same with all the religions, whether hindu, christian, parsi or jew. 200 hindus were tortured in Pakistan, and at last they were forced to leave the country. Not even a single 'Indian-Muslim organisation or any one showed their agitation against it. And when the same happened with Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam, they started riots in Mumbai. Hipocracy. India, it is the best example of a " Real Secular Country". Reason: constitution provides us all equal opportunities, even for the highest post of India, irrespective of religion or belief. THE PRESIDENT thrice muslims have been elected,and they gave their best. Ever heard a Hindu becoming Pakistan's President? I don't want to sound like a 'Kattar Hindu' or something, its just that when they suffer, they start violence in the whole country damaging public property. WHY? Can't they live with peace? Christians, Parsis, Jews and many other religions reside in India, but i have never heard of any such case relating to them. I am not saying they should be tortured, they are good Human Beings, but some of the Muslim population are spoiling the name of the whole Muslim-Population. They also have a great history, they should respect it, they should live with Peace.Akbar is one of the best example who believed in Hindu-Muslim harmony. Our country India, is one of the best, not one of the, it is THE BEST country,we  must see it as OUR country, we should respect it. We, Hindu-Muslim and every religion in India, must live like a family. If we will be together, we will surely become one of the Super Power. At this crucial time when some of our brothers are agitated and furious about Assam and Myanmar's incident , I just remembered this dialogue of Namastey London  "...We come from a Nation where we allow
a Lady of CathoIic origin...
to step aside for a Sikh
to be sworn in as Prime Minister...
to a Muslim President to govern
a nation of over 80 percent Hindus..."

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