Saturday, 3 November 2012

My Inspiration.

The story is about a Self made Man. A normal Man.Maybe the story sounds 'Filmy' but its true.Had read many stories of men who struggled and achieved success in life but had never met one personally. I am sure after reading about his success story,you too will be inspired by him.I call him my Uncle. Like many, he too belonged to a joint and a lower middle class family whose needs outnumbered the earning. Somehow ,he managed his graduation. Not highly, but educated-jobless,married in early age,with an extra responsibility. Faced humiliation by the female members of the family,and was considered Existence-Less .His needs, his taste, his choice,his preferences did not matter to anyone as he was not earning. Let me clear one point,he was jobless, but not idle, he worked on his farms,took tutions to educate younger members of the family.But one day, the humiliation crossed the saturation point. and Same like a typical Bollywood-Flick, he decided to move to Delhi. His was in a bad state,he was not even having slippers of his own. He had borrowed it from a village-labour. After reaching Delhi, standing in middle of ITO, with thousands of emotions Bombarding his heart and soul. Firstly sorrow of leaving his village,his birth-place ,his family, Secondly, not knowing what to do. All he knew was his father-in-law's office address. Not in proper clothes and state, living with his in-law's ,working at the shop of his father-in-law, he gradually started building a dream of buying a house and settling with his family in Delhi. In order to fullfill his dream, he worked day and night. Of a young and fresh mindset, he brought positive changes to the shop.One day, his hard work forced the lady-luck to give a knock on his destiny's door. A Tea-Shop owner near the shop, won a lottery. He decided to move to village and at that time, agreed to sell this shop to him for 5k. With the help of his minimal savings, he bought that shop. He opened his OWN book store. Year by Year, he kept progressing. His own family members ,who didn’t supported him at that time, were now changed. And yes, he bought a house of his own in Delhi. He owns one of the famous Book-Shops in Delhi now. And yet, he is still the most humble and down to earth man I have ever met in my life. He still wakes up early morning, comes at night, spending all his day, working working and working in order to secure his children's life so that they don’t have to face the humiliation and insult as he did when he was young. Am sure,he will always be an inspiration for me.

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