Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Special Ones.

They are gifted. They don’t have everything, but still they have happiness, reason to live. They enjoy their life more than us because they are pure at heart, they don’t have the feelings of jealousy, greed, revenge… They don’t have any tension, they are free. Today morning, on my way to school, I met a mentally challenged kid on my bus stand. I looked at him, I smiled, he replied with a very sweet smile. Then he came forward for a handshake. Then he asked my name, I asked his. We were like friends now. A normal kid wouldn’t have shown such a good gesture. These kids, whom most of us refer to as mentally ill or Disable, are instead specially gifted. They lack something in their life, but at the same time, they are excellent at something. Let me give an example, there was a guy in my school, he was mentally ill, but he excelled in Roller skating and swimming. God is really kind. I have noticed, most of mentally challenged kids are always gifted with some or the other special quality. It’s our (their parents, neighbourhood, friends, teacher)  duty to work hard on that special quality with them, so that they can also be respected in the society. These guys, in true sense enjoy their life, they make friends, they don’t have any worries. I listened to a guy with some disability in his leg, he never took it as any disadvantage, instead he told me ‘’isi bahaane doosre ladko ko kuch or ladkiyan mil jaayengi, warna saari mere peeche bhaagti shaadi ke lie’’. I loved his spirit. We being born normal, given so many advantages, still complain about life. I have met many such people, but never heard them complaining about anything. Respect. Inspired.

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