Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sumptuous Wedding.

This story too starts from a village. It was  summer, the best season UPites think  for  marriages. It was the wedding of one of my young Uncle. When I reached the village, everyone there was joyful, happy and  aunties  were singing some hilarious (According to me) song for the Groom. The Wedding night arrived. We were the proud baratis. The baraat ‘took-off’ with dance, sweat, Bhojpuri songs full of ‘Bhabhi-Dewar’, desi rifles, crackers, gun fires  and every kind of thing you can imagine in a UP marriage. The groom was dressed in a bright ‘shining’ Coat and trousers which was visible from 1 km away. Ladies from groom side are still not allowed in weddings there. They stay at home and carry on their singing schedule. Young brats in baraat were energetic because of Alcohol, bhang and weed consumption. We reached the marriage point. At last. They welcomed us with flowers and a glass of jaljeera, which was like a ‘throat-cutting’ beverage. The best moment took place when the Groom rode on the horse and the song played in background was ‘‘Ye desh hai veer jawaano ka, albelo ka…’’.It seemed like they were encouraging the groom for an upcoming battle. I am still intrigued why this song was played at the wedding. Then I came to know about one of the most interesting ritual, in which the women of bride’s side sing  songs full of ‘abuses’ for the groom and baratis .Baraatis enjoy it with love . Hilarious. My main aim at the wedding was to have Food and Food and Food. I sat on a chair, they served me one of the delicious food I ever had. It was amazing. I enjoyed my trip there.
    One thing Indian  and particularly eastern uttar Pradesh weddings  guarantee you is Laughter, Dance and some really delicious food. So try attending as many marriages  you can, specially the UP ones.   

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