Tuesday, 7 August 2012

GOD. We need a 'Lokpal' for us!

God. I believe in him. Not to any extreme levels, but I do.But sometimes, I don’t feel like believing in him. I know many haters will arise after this post, but it’s my thinking. I went to Connaught place two or three days ago, there I saw a boy, merely 10 or 9 years old, in literally a bad shape. He was begging. He was wearing a trouser, which seemed like didn’t exist. It is not that I had not seen beggars, I have seen lots of kids begging, on the streets, railway platforms, temples…almost everywhere, but I don’t know WHY, my heart became restless seeing that particular child.  Because of my dad, I have a little knowledge about the Gita. I have read that, what you are getting in your present birth is the reward of your deeds of previous birth or the reward of what your ancestors did. How lame this method is? God, a little suggestion from us, human beings, “please change your fruit system slightly.” Neither that boy, nor we know what our ancestors, or what we did in our last birth. We should get the impact of our doing in the same birth. Instant Service.  Not like the MTNL, “aaj bola, 2 saal baad lagega”. I really, for the first time, I know some of you will laugh, but felt like crying after seeing that Boy’s state. He was merely 10 years old, he mustn’t be knowing about THE GOD and his Odd system. Please GOD, listen to us, and if you get a little time of your busy schedule, please read this. Pageviews will increase and my blog will get a little fame :P.
And also, from today onwards, I will stop complaining to god for what I don’t have, because whatever I have, I am blessed to have that much. Thank you God.

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