Friday, 3 August 2012

The Debate..

This summer, I went to my mother's village. One thing i discovered there was "Discrimination", in tonnes. Tonnes and Tonnes of Discrimination. I talked to two of the kids there,not actually kids, one was in 12th and the other one in 10th. We had an hour long debate on this caste system. The things they said, were totally unacceptable,let me quote one of their dialogue. They said that "Joota apne pare mein nhi pehnega th kya sar par rakhega?" They also asked me how many brahmin friends am I having? I told them i don't know which friend of mine is a Brahmin and i don't either care about that. They are good with me, I will be their Buddy. no matter what caste they belong to,Simple.! At that point i wondered, actually I had never bothered to judge the caste of my friends by their surnames(Thanks to my parents), we just knew to which state we belonged. They were literally shocked when I told them that Muslims and Christians are also my friends, and I also share my meals with them. Till now, in 21st century, they don't have a single Muslim, Christian, Dalit or (a Female) friend. It's really a depressing and serious issue for our Country, who claims to be 'One of The SuperPower' after 10 years. We just say that we are Modernizing, but the Reality is faaaar away different.


  1. Sometimes, just when you think that all we see is true, reality breaks through and shatters the illusion.

  2. dear aditya,
    this is what u saw in a single village. like this there are 638,365 villages in india. can u just think where we r standing....???